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Idő: 2023-02-17 Találatok: 39

On average 13,700 workers were injured on the job every day in 2021. Approximately 20% of these injuries were handling related, including:

 · vágások és horzsolások;

 · szélsőséges hőmérsékletek miatt fáj;

 · bőrirritáció és dermatitisz;

 · hurts by contacting with toxic or corrosive substances like chemicals or etc.

So ensuring workers are wearing the correct safety gloves is of the utmost importance and vital for avoiding injury, upholding the correct health and safety regulations.Different types of protection gloves are available, depending on the likely hazards.

Hunan Mesian Safety Tech Co.,Ltd is a coated safety work gloves manufacturer and exporter of personal protective equipment (PPE) in China for 10+ years. As a professional PPE manufacturer and supplier in China, our factory is with 5 modern production lines, 800 knitting machines and 200+ employees in total. The production capacity exceeds 300,000 Dozen per month. We have obtained certification in quality management system, such as ISO9001, TUV.

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We are committed to producing high quality and cost effective working gloves, which includes latex gloves, nitrile gloves, PU anti static gloves, PVC gloves, HPPE cut resistance gloves, TPR anti impact gloves and etc. Our products are widely applied in various fields such as General Work, Agriculture, Automobile, Construction, Manufacturing , Oil & Gas, Metal & Steel and etc.

Our gloves are widely exported to 80+ countries such as America, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, North Korea, Russia etc. And enjoy a high reputation in the world market.

Forró akciós termékeink:

 · Vágásnak ellenálló kesztyű - HPPE palm coated

 · ESD érintőképernyős kesztyű - anti static fingertips coated

 · Általános munkakesztyű - sima bevonatú, hab bevonatú

 · Folyadék/vízálló kesztyű - dupla bevonattal

 · Csúszásgátló kesztyűk - homokos bevonatú, gyűrődő bevonattal,

 · Hideg elleni / téli kesztyű - termo frottír akril kötött bélés

 · Anti impact gloves -hot-pressed / sewn thermoplastic rubber -TPR on the back

Free sample for conventional styles can be provided by freight collected. ODM & OEM service is available for Mesian Safety too. Here is our OEM/ODM service process:

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Customers from all over the world are warmly welcomed to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success. If you need a partner or a supplier for protective gloves, please just send us emails or leave us messages on WhatsApp or Skype.

Hunan Mesian Safety Tech Co., Ltd.

Irodai munkaidő: 24 óra online

Tel: + 86-731-88636052

Mob/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86-18975837722

E-mail/Skype: [e-mail védett]

Weboldal: https://www.mesiansafety.com

Address: No 175 Yunxi Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan, China (PC: 410000)

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